Availabilty - Fallow Deer


Morning or evening Fallow Deer Stalk - £230.00 (inc vat) includes one non-palmed beast.

Palmed head extra £240.00 (inc vat) for any size 


Morning or evening Fallow Deer Stalk - £100.00

Doe                 £90.00 

Buck                £100.00

(Includes rifle and ammo if required).

Meat can be taken at going rate/lb. Trophy head at extra charge dependant on quality, Tracking fee of £15/ hour.


Morning or evening Fallow Deer Stalk - £120.00 per outing

Cull animal       £96.00

Rep head          £600.00+

(paid on the day). 

Meat can be taken at going rate/lb.

Scotland - Central Perthshire near Pitlochry.

Superb family estate of 4500 acres of which 1000 acres are woodland.

The below are full day outings:

Fallow prickets -                          £250 including 1 beast.

Fallow doe -                                  £210 including 1 beast.

Mature fallow bucks -                  £800.

Why not try something a little different; a combined rough shoot and stalk at a very good price of £220 including 1 beast


The Forest Treble consisting of a Red, Roe and Fallow


The Forest 3 which is any deer, a trout and game bird ie partridge, pheasant, red grouse or woodcock.

Bed and Breakfast including evening meal for £45 per night per person.

A discount of £50 is given if no beast is shot.

DSC 2 witnessing can be arranged for an extra £30 per write up.

Meat can be taken at going rate/lb.

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