Raised Dog Bed Spare Waterproof Cover

£ 19.95

GBP 19.95 - GBP 30.00

We offer replacement raised day bed waterproof covers in all our standard sizes and colours for customers wishing to change decor, rotate covers when being washed or replace a damaged cover.

Raised Dog Bed Spare Waterproof Covers for fitment to our Berkeley Raised Dog Beds.
100% Waterproof PVC-backed polyester fixed with heavy duty 'Velcro'.
Easily removable for machine washing at 30 degrees C or it can be left in place and simply wiped or hosed down.
Highly durable fabric that is difficult to damage by chewing / scratching.
Flea, Mite, Mould and Mildew resistant.
Sheds dog hair easily.
Virtually unbreakable nylon thread stitching.
Easy-to-fit covers that do not shrink.

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