Napier Rapid Degreaser

£ 9.91

The very latest product in the Napier gun care line up is now available. RAPID Degreaser is a powerful cleaning agent
suitable for any type of firearm, its blend of solvents, very quickly cuts through carbon deposits, old grease and oils and
is ideal for regular cleaning of pistons and ports in semi automatic shotguns, chokes, threads etc. Its newly developed
formula is remarkably effective in removing stubborn dirt, but it is much less aggressive on composite parts and
wooden stocks than conventional cleaners. RAPID DEGREASER is faster and easier to use than most other products
and it compliments the existing range of Napier Gun Cleaners and oils. Available now in 450ml cans, at just 8.99 it is
very economical. It is packed in distinctive & predominantly BLACK Napier cans, so it cannot be confused with the
Napier Gun Care Lubes and cleaners.Of course it is Vital that all guns cleaned with RAPID DEGREASER are
immediately oiled after application as the effective solution will remove all traces of lubricating products along with
dirt & carbon deposits.

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