Napier Silensave 125ml Aerosol

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SILENSAVE is the result of our longest ever field trial, and is a product every Rifle shooter has been waiting for. Silencers/ Sound moderators are notorious for rusting out, yet they are an important part of every stalkers kit but
until now there has never been an effective way to protect them. All Gunmakers have horror stories of expensive rifles being damaged by corrosion from the silencer, and although
they should be removed from the gun whilst in storage, this is not always done, in fact it is quite common for them
to become so corroded that they cannot be unscrewed. This is a thing of the past now thanks to SILENSAVE, it is a simple effective chemical that is sprayed directly into
either end of the moderator prior to storage, The specially formulated chemical is dispensed with a very low
pressure aerosol that creates a mist within the can, ensuring a very fine but even coating on the internal surfaces
and baffles. This contains Napier's VP90 corrosion inhibitor amongst other compounds and is carried by a specific solvent that
evaporates leaving just the finest coating behind. BUT that is just stage one however, as on first firing after
application the extreme and immediate heat bonds the chemical to the metal surfaces almost like a ceramic
coating, so when used regularly this simply prevents the metals from corroding. Nothing can prevent the condensation created within a moderator, but regular use of SILENSAVE will make
sure that it does not lead to damage and greatly prolongs the life of any type or make of Silencer. In our extreme test over the past 6 years a brand new Jet Z moderator fitted to a Mauser MO3, has been used
weekly and has passed more than 500 .308 rounds, yet there is absolutely no sign of internal corrosion and it can
be screwed on and off the barrel with ease. Click here to see what Bushwear had to say about Silensave

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